Ireland’s Sacred Centre: Mythology, Mystery & History

Ireland's sacred centre

  If you’re looking for something different or something that will give you that wow factor during your stay at Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone then go to Ireland’s sacred centre,  the Hill of Uisneach. Mythology, mystery and history shroud this once incredibly vibrant sacred site. Learn of the Sun…

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Athlone Castle, A Place to Visit

Athlone Castle stands proudly on the banks of the River Shannon in Athlone Town. If you are looking for a hotel near Athlone Castle then Hodson Bay is the perfect choice. Athlone Castle is a fantastic structure with an even more fantastic history associated with warriors and leaders from various…

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Bamboo Massage: A Preventive Healing Therapy

Bamboo Massage

  Bamboo massage is at the forefront of the massage industry. It is quickly becoming the new treatment at top spas and resorts around the country. And here at Hodson Bay Hotel, we promote this massage for its unusual properties and numerous health benefits. Bamboo massage is a preventive therapy; defeating…

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