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Chef Gavin with one of Galway Goat Farm’s goats

Irish goats Cheese

Executive Head Chef Gavin O’Rourke with some Galway Goats Farm products

Did you know that chefs that have a relationship with producers understand their raw ingredients better than those we don’t? The producers of our food are key to our health, well-being and the way we see food and nutrition. Executive Head Chef, Gavin O’Rourke is a great believer in food providence, boosting sustainability and working closely with local Irish producers. He understands that everyone benefits from this relationship. Small Irish producers benefit as they can grow their businesses and share the importance of smaller Irish food growers. We all benefit from better flavours, no pesticides and knowing where our food comes from.

“If you are eating in our restaurants and there’s a good chance that you know the farmer who produced the vegetables on your plate, isn’t that brilliant? It’s great for our customers and for the hotel staff to know that we are supporting local at every opportunity”


Small Irish Producers are the Best

Irish goats cheese

Executive Head Chef Gavin O’Rourke visiting Larry and Ann of Galway Goats Farm

Smaller producers ensure a high standard of production as they monitor and are involved each stage of production. And that’s why we love our goat’s cheese supplier, Galway Goats Farm. The dedicated team of Larry and Ann produce artisan Irish goats cheese, milk and yoghurts. The knowledge, care and commitment to their process are admirable. You always know it’s going to taste great on the plate.


Galway Goat Farm


Galway Goat Farm established in the summer of 2012. Their production resides just outside Dunmore in north county Galway. The creamy fresh pasteurised goats milk is produced, processed and bottled on the farm. The milk comes from a mixed herd of Anglo Nubian and Saanen goats. They bottle their delicious creamy milk in 1-litre glass bottles. Every bottle gets individual attention. The dairy production is seasonal (March to November) because the goats need a break from their long summer of producing their lovely milk. From February to March they have their kid goats are born.


The Visit to Galway Goats Farm


Delicious GalwayGoats Cheese Salad Recipe

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