Galway Goats Cheese Salad

galway goats cheese

Galway Goats Cheese Health Salad


Goats Cheese is really good for you and below are some super facts about goat’s cheese along with our Executive Head Chef Gavin O’Rourke’s delicious Galway Goat’s Cheese Salad. This recipe is fantastic as a healthy starter to any meal.


3 Super Facts about Goats Cheese


Galway Goats Cheese

One of the Goats from Galway Goats Cheese


Suitable for Lactose Intolerant People

Goats milk contains significantly lower amounts of lactose than regular milk. If you have an allergy to milk protein, you may be able to tolerate cheese made from goat’s milk because it’s formed with shorter amino acid protein chains than cow’s milk


Lower in Fat

One ounce of goats cheese has approximately 40 fewer calories, less than half the sodium, and about three grams less protein compared to the same amount of cow’s milk cheddar cheese.


Good source of Vitamins

Goats cheese is a great source of riboflavin B2 and phosphorus. Goats cheese also contains more vitamin D, vitamin K, thiamine, and niacin compared to cheddar cheese.


The Salad Side of our Goats Cheese Salad


Galway Goats Cheese


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Downloadable Galway Goats Cheese Health Salad


Our Executive Head Chef’s Goats Cheese Health Salad is well worth making for all the great health benefits. And with the cold and flu season just around the corner, it might just boost your immunity for the winter.

To download, please click on the image below.


galway goats cheese

Hodson Bay Hotel’s Galway Goats Cheese Recipe


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