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porridge oats

Hodson Bay Hotel’s Breakfast Time


The winter winds are beginning to blow across the Bay here in the heart of Ireland. So, to keep you warm on those chilly mornings we have created a porridge oats breakfast recipe to keep you warm. Our chefs call it, Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge’. And we think it is the ultimate wintertime breakfast; keeping Jack Frost from nipping at your nose.


Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge Local Ingredients


porridge oats

Great to be local. Declan & Timmy of Sean’s Bar Athlone with Chef Gavin and Purchasing Manager, Michael


You just got to love the authenticity and honesty of local ingredients not to mention their unique connection to our location. And our chefs love taking the local ingredients to create our dishes; from the oats for our porridge to the eggs in our omelettes. It’s all about the sourcing. So, this week we are talking about ‘Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge’ to help you feel that local connection when you stay too. It is 100% Irish, 100% local and 100% tasty yummy goodness.


What makes up Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge?


porridge oats

3 Simple Ingredients – Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge


Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge is a simple mix of three ingredients: Kilbeggan Organic Jumbo Oats, Sean’s Bar Whiskey and Mullingar Honey. After all, three is the magic number.

So, let’s start with the porridge oats. We source our porridge from Kilbeggan Organic Jumbo Oats because organic oats are grown naturally and are free from synthetic sprays or fertilisers. As Kilbeggan Porridge would say themselves “…the oats are produced from the soil’s rich reserves of nutrients, exactly as nature intended.”  Kilbeegan Organic Jumbo Oats are a 100% Irish, sustainable and healthy. The Lalor family, the 5th generation now, have farmed organically since 1999.



Sean’s Bar Specially Blended Irish Whiskey – ‘Luain Edition’


porridge oats

Declan & Timmy of Sean’s Bar Athlone with Purchasing Manager, Michael


Next is the addition of the whiskey. We use Sean’s Bar Whiskey for our porridge because, what better whiskey than whiskey from Ireland’s oldest pub, down the road in Athlone. They have crafted their unique blend of grain and malt whiskey, matured over time in bourbon casks. This high-quality Irish whiskey has aIts distinctive flavour which delights the palate and warms the spirit.


Ireland has Deep Whiskey Roots.


porridge oats

Timmy O’Donovan of Sean’s Bare and Chef Gavin with Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge


The earliest record in the world mentioning whiskey is in the Annals of Clonmacnoise,1405 A.D. It describes the death of Richard Magranell, Chieftain of Moyntyreolas at Christmas from ‘taking a surfeit of Aqua Vitae’.


The story of whiskey continues at the Peninsula of Rindoon, Lough Ree where the armies of King Henry ii and Kind Henry iii located. They tried the Irish ‘Uisce Beatha’ and coined the word ‘whiskey’ because they had problems pronouncing the old Gaelic name.


Mullingar Honey


porridge oats

Mullingar Honey in Hodson’s Bay Whiskey

And last but certainly not least is our drizzle of Mullingar raw honey.


To create a sweet balance between the porridge oats and the whiskey we add Mullingar’s, raw honey. This honey is delicious single blend raw honey. Mullingar Honey is made using traditional methods, without the use of heat or additives of any kind.



Delicious Winter Warming Porridge Oats


And so, there you have it. Enjoy the ultimate winter porridge oats breakfast, ‘Hodson’s Whiskey Porridge’ when you stay. This oaty breakfast choice will keep out the cold allowing you and yours to keep exploring the hidden gems in the heart of Ireland.




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