Look Good, Feel Good for 2020

Look Good, Feel Good for 2020

5 Ways to Stick to Your New Year Fitness Resolutions
Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to focus on your New Year’s resolutions. Many aim to achieve a healthier and fitter lifestyle, however, the towel can often be thrown in by Easter! Increase your chances for success by following these five simple tips from Ross O’Callaghan, Sheraton Fitness Manager at Sheraton Athlone Hotel and Emer Heavin, Manager at the Spa at Hodson Bay Hotel.

Create an achievable fitness plan
Speak to one of the dedicated gym instructors at the Hodson Bay Hotel Leisure Centre and Sheraton Fitness to arrange a free fitness assessment and a personalised, attainable programme! Having someone to help you set your goals will make the task much easier. Ross knows it can be daunting to start a new fitness plan – “Whether you’ve been training for years or if it’s your first time to walk into a gym, the team will be on hand to offer you friendly advice and encouragement.”

Inject some excitement into your fitness resolution by joining a new class or activity…
Everyone knows how easy it can be to lose motivation on dark January evenings! Trying something new and exciting will increase your chances of sticking to your fitness goals.
The team of fully qualified health and fitness professionals at the Hodson Bay Hotel Leisure Centre and Sheraton Fitness offer classes for all fitness levels such as: Spinning, HITT, Abs Blitz, Kick & Tone, Body Sculpt, Aqua, Yogalates and more!
Adult swimming classes are also available – it’s never too late to learn!

Bring a friend along for encouragement and fun!
Begin your fitness journey with a friend…it will increase your chances for success, provide additional motivation and you’ll have more fun.
You can bring a friend along to try the Hodson Bay Hotel’s fitness classes for just €6 (you don’t have to be a member!) Or ask Ross and the team at Sheraton Fitness for a complimentary guest day pass for your gym buddy!

Track your progress
Maintain a strong momentum by keeping a close eye on your progress. Your instructor will help you tailor and adapt your personalised plan to ensure that your fitness resolution is an achievable success! The instructors at the Hodson Bay Hotel Leisure Centre and Sheraton Fitness have a wealth of fitness experience and will give you 360-degree feedback to help you reach the results you are looking for.

Treat yourself to some well-deserved rest and relaxation…
Emer stresses the importance of self-care on your fitness journey – “Your hard work and dedication deserve to be rewarded. It’s really important to acknowledge and reflect on your effort by treating yourself every so often.”
The luxurious, award-winning spa at the Hodson Bay Hotel is a beacon of serenity and calm – holistic express treatments start from €55 and will leave you feeling relaxed and energised.
Cocooned deep within Sheraton Athlone Hotel, Sirana Spa also offers unique and well-deserved signature ELEMIS spa treatments to relieve any muscle aches and pains. An oasis right in the heart of the country!

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