Food and Wine Pairings for November

food and wine

Food and Wine Pairings, Hodson Bay Group Hotels


Discover each month with Hodson Bay Group’s, Head Sommelier, Andrzej, the fascinating world of food and wine pairings. This month, he is pairing Compte de Lupe – Burgundy – Pinot Noir 2013 with our Teriyaki Duck dish.


The effects wine has on food has been compared to spice. When the tannins, acids, and sugars of wine interact with the food, they provide a range of different taste sensations, and in turn a new interpretation to the flavour of food. Finding similarities or contrasts with a food and wine’s flavour, taste, intensity, body and texture can create outstanding pairs.


The Wine




The WineCompte de Lupe – Burgundy – Pinot Noir, Vintage 2013 has a bright garnet-red colour. It’s a French wine from the Burgundy region of France.  This wine is ideal with red meats, poultry in wine sauces, small game and tasty cheeses. It has an ageing potential of 5 to 7 years.

Andrzej describes the wine’s characteristics, “On the nose, lovely fruitiness with aromas of strawberries, cherries and sweet spices. On the palate, it is well-balanced. It has fine tannins and good liveliness.”



The Food


food and wine

Teriyaki Duck on a bed of noodles with crispy stir-fried vegetables with pickled ginger and chilli yoghurt


The dish paired with Compte de Lupe – Burgundy – Pinot Noir, Vintage 2013 is our Teriyaki Duck dish. This dish is a perfect combination of tender breast of duck prepared in a teriyaki style served on a bed of egg noodles, stir-fried crispy organic seasonal vegetables, with pickled ginger and chilli yoghurt.



3 Interesting Facts About Wine


food and wine

L’Escale Restaurant, Hodson Bay Hotel


The word ‘aroma’ describes the smell of young wine, whereas more mature wines have subtler scents. Describing a wine of a more mature nature use the word ‘bouquet’.


The custom of bumping glasses with the ‘cheers’ greeting came from ancient Greece. The host drank the first cup of wine to show his guests he does not intend to poison them.

In old Rome, the method was the bumping of glasses to make sure no one is trying to poison the other. When the glasses bumped the drink from each cup would spill from one cup to the other.


A standard glass of dry red wine contains around 110 calories for white there can be 160. The sweeter wine, the more calories.





food and wine

Enjoy great food and wine pairing on with friends


When you come to any of Hodson Bay Group’s hotels, you will discover great food paired with excellent wines. Our Group’s Head Sommelier, Andrzej, is passionate about wine and the art of dining well. When dining with us, ask our sommelier about wine pairings for your food. They will help enhance your dining experience.


And if your mouth is watering after reading this, and you want to try a wine and food pairing experience, we recommend trying it for yourself. Bon appétit everyone!





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