5 Ways to Help Create Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Welcome 2018 with some New Year’s Resolution


Christmas is over and the New Year and January are on its way. And despite having eaten what one can describe as ‘half our body weight’ over the festive season, it can be hard to motivate oneself back into an everyday routine. One way we have all tried to break free of our couches and kick-start our New Year is through resolutions. But in recent years, a lot of us are saying ‘No I’m not making a resolution this year.’ Deciding not to make New Year’s Resolutions is because a lot of them end up being unachievable and are demanding unreasonable expectations of ourselves. Overindulgence creates a nasty cycle of guilt that we should try to avoid. So, instead of beating yourself up, maybe take our guilt-free tips to beat the January blues and feel good for 2018.



1 Change one small habit that you feel doesn’t work anymore


New Year's Resolution

Take a leap into the New Year with faith, optimism and fun


Changing a small habit might sound easy, but we are creatures of comfort and familiarity. And despite the fact something we are doing isn’t working, it can be easier to stick with it rather than find a new way. But in saying that, changing one small thing can really change how you feel. For example, when find yourself dreading going back to work after the holidays, maybe think of something or someone you are looking forward to seeing rather than the work itself.


2 Treat yourself


New Year's Resolutions

Spa treatments help make you feel and look fantastic. Great to escape and regroup.



Okay, this sounds like a no-brainer, but we tend to be very hard on ourselves after indulging over Christmas. We think ‘right enough of that, time to get on with it’. But remember, easy does it. It’s the start of a new year. The days are still dark and cold. And getting back after a break isn’t easy. So, put down the wooden stick and pick up the feather. That means stop giving out to yourself. Treat yourself the way you would a friend, and this means doing nice things for yourself.


3 Get out into the fresh air


New Years Resolutions

Green Way for a fantastic cycle, walk and fresh air


When Christmas is over, and friends and families from near and far go back to their homes, it’s a good time to get outdoors and take a deep breath of fresh air. Remember again; this isn’t about running a marathon. It is about making time to feel healthy, to get out in the fresh air and take in the sights and sounds around you. Getting out doesn’t mean timing how long you’re out. Getting out and about feeling free, easing back into your routine and stretching out the limbs. While you’re out, you can decide how your body feels and plan for some more extended outings.


4 Write


New Year's Resolution

Writing is a great way to help focus and decide what New Year’s Resolution works for you


Writing is one of the most therapeutic activities you can do. It helps ground ourselves and examine where we feel we are at in life and what we would like to achieve. You don’t need to write an essay. It can be just words or images. It helps us to see a realistic picture of where things are. It is all too easy to get swept up into the new diet fads and exercise routines. But a lot aren’t built around your lifestyle or consider your own particular commitments. We can set ourselves up for failure if we haven’t taken stock of where we are. Small goals achieved build into bigger ones.


5 Be Flexible


New Year's Resolution

The Pool at Hodson Bay Hotel which looks out on Lough Ree


A resolution is a firm decision to do something, but it shouldn’t be torture. Be firm with your decisions but allow for flexibility. There are going to be days when things get busy, and you won’t make the class you signed up for, or your usual gym session or sports practice. But that’s life, and your resolutions are something that should work with your lifestyle.



Some New Year’s Resolution Suggestions


New Year's Resolutions

Hill of Uisneach, Westmeath – Ireland’s Sacred Heart – well worth taking the walking tour



  • Visit somewhere you have never been to before
  • Contact a friend you miss but never get time to meet
  • Be kind to yourself through how you talk to yourself
  • Smile more
  • Try meditation
  • Don’t plan every inch of your next holiday
  • Add something healthy to your diet
  • Allow yourself to be childish
  • Go to a band you never heard of
  • Cook a dish you have always wanted to
  • Read a book from cover to cover
  • Climb a mountain
  • Learn a new skill



In conclusion


New Year's Resolution

New Year, New opportunities to do, see and try the things you want to do. Enjoy

So, when it comes to planning your New Year’s resolutions don’t be harsh and create unreachable goals. Maybe, think of resolutions as welcome changes or additions you want to make to feel good. Life’s hard enough without adding to the stress of something you can’t commit to or like doing. Plus, resolutions aren’t necessarily something you will do for the whole year. They are about achieving something and feeling good. So, find something you love and if it doesn’t happen, pick up the feather rather than beating yourself up over it.



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