Valentine’s Day is not just for Couples

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone from Hodson Bay Hotel! A lot of people can feel Valentine’s Day is solely about romance and being in love. It’s a little bit of Valentine’s stereotype. Valentine’s isn’t just for women where men are in the doghouse if they forget to buy the roses, chocolates, dinner and a gift. Valentine’s is about expressing love to the people you care about, including yourself!


What is love?


Valentine's Day

Prosecco paired with Hodson Bay Hotel’s Chef Deirdre’s Chocolate Marquise. Simply delicious!


Love is the most sought-after emotion since the dawn of time. As humans, we love to be loved. We want to own it, feel it and possess it in every shape and form. We need it as much as we need food and it doesn’t have to be romantic. Love is ever changing and appears when we least expect it.



Valentine’s reminds us to show love to the special people in our lives


Valentine's Day

Reconnect with Friends at Hodson Bay Hotel


When we love someone, we want to express our love. We want them to know we love them for all they are. So, we make gestures. Everyone does this in their own unique way. Some buy gifts the other person will love. Some create experiences to create memories to share. There are so many ways to express love and it isn’t just on Valentine’s. But Valentine’s Day reminds us of love. After all, whose life doesn’t get so hectic? We can forget to express love when we get caught up in the rat race of life.



Kinds of Love


Valentine's Day

Feel the love this Valentine’s the way you want


The first kind of love we experience is from parents and our extended family. This love offers security, identity and the feeling of being part of a connected unit.

Romantic love offers us the different level of love. It is a meeting of two people. It answers our search for soul love; someone to share who we are with and to grow with. Romantic love shows us how to be considerate and thoughtful. We learn to give and share. It allows us to become vulnerable and let another person in emotionally.

Unconditional love is rare. But one place people have found it is from animals. Dogs are a true example of loyalty, compassion and lover. Anyone who is a dog lover knows no matter what mood you are in they are non-judgemental and will always greet with pure love.

Self-love is probably the most important kind of love. As the old saying says, ‘if you don’t love yourself, how do you know to love someone else?’ Self-love is having respect and honouring yourself. Practising self-love shows self-respect. Self-love is essential to how we feel about ourselves.



Show Love on Valentine’s Day



Ok, the commercial version of love is hearts, cards, romance, chocolate and flowers. But you can express it and celebrate whatever way you want. As a family hotel, we see people celebrate love in all kinds of ways. And we help people create the space that allows them to show love for their other half, family, and for themselves.




7 Ways to Express Love this Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day

Hodson Bay Hotel wishes all its customers from local and afar, all our guests past and present a Very Happy Valentine’s Day. Come to the Bay and try Prosecco and our Chocolate Marquise. Simply delicious


  1. Deliver someone you love their favourite coffee from their favourite café
  2. Take time to arrange a special dining evening for the people you love
  3. Write a letter telling someone telling them what makes them special to you
  4. Take a day off to relax and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in ages
  5. Book a massage or pampering facial for yourself
  6. Turn off all electronic devices and enjoy the art of conversation
  7. Book a weekend away so you both don’t have to do anything but enjoy each other’s company


Whatever way you decide to celebrate Valentine’s, we hope you have a lovely day. Happy Valentine’s Day from all at Hodson Bay Hotel.





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