Summer Fun by the Bay

This July & August dive into fun with 5 things you have to do while visiting the heart of Ireland. Bring your summer bucket list to life at the Bay!

Summer fun is around the corner. Let’s take out the sunscreen, sun hats and shorts. And in true Irish style, we are ready for that one day that promises to be a scorcher! So book your stay at Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone and then explore everything that the lively town of Athlone has to offer.

So, to help you in preparation for that day we prepared a list of 5 things you can do so you don’t miss a minute of the sun.


Make a Splash in Irelands Largest Inflatable Floating Water Park


Bay Sports at Hodson Bay is the home of the largest waterslide in Europe. It is a must do, to dive into the waters at Lough Ree. There is a selection of slides in the water park to experience at Baysports. You can also try kayaking, pedal boats and stand up paddling boards. Here is your water adventure. It guarantees buckets of fun and side-splitting laughter to be had by kids and big kids. So, on those hot days cool down by the Bay.

Bay Sports crew give the personal commitment of safety and supervision. And if you’re staying in Hodson Bay Hotel you can get the discount booklet offering amazing discounts.


Trek through St. John’s Wood, the natural ancient woodland in the Midlands


summer fun

photo credit Christopher Hamilton


St. John’s Wood is over 7000 years old, making it one of the most ancient, post-ice-age, forests in Ireland. You will see Irish Pines, Yew, Wild Cherry trees, Oaks, and Elms. The wood has the densest population of Hazel trees compared to other Irish woods, and if you come along in autumn, you might taste the native crab apples.

St. John’s Wood also has an abundance of wildlife, insects and spiders to spot. And you can walk along the shoreline and maybe enjoy a picnic and flask of tea.


Stroll Along The Promenade In Historic Centre Of Ireland


Some bucket list items can be lazy ones. The Promenade at Hodson Bay is a lovely spot to relax, read a book, feed the ducks, meet up with friends or chill out with your partner. You do all this knowing you are at the heart of Ireland. Hodson’s Pillar jutting out from the Bay marks the historic heart of Ireland. An amazing place to make memories that last forever.


Voyage with Viking Mike on the longest river in Ireland


The Viking Ship sails daily from the quayside at Athlone Castle. You can also get abroad from right outside the Hodson Bay Hotel (weather & water levels permitting)

The Viking Longships sailed around our coasts since 795. The River Shannon is the main artery through the country. Viking Mike tells tales of the Vikings and the River Shannon. It is worth taking the tour on the longest river in Ireland, who knows what you might see or hear!

The Clonmacnoise cruise is 90 minutes downstream from Athlone.

The Lough Ree Cruise (approx 75 minutes) goes upstream calling to the Hodson Bay and returns to Athlone Castle.


Enjoy A Pint Of The Black Stuff In The Oldest Pub In Ireland

Sean’s Bar has a detailed and documented history that dates right back to 900AD. Definitely worthwhile bucket list item. A great craic and a lively destination every weekend. It keeps its traditional Irish pub feel; with sawdust on the floors, an open fire, memorabilia decorating the walls, and little hidden snugs. It is one spot to meet up, enjoy the craic and drink a pint of great Guinness.

And so,

If you are looking for adventure, activity, places of interest on land or water Ireland’s heart is a good place to start. Summer fun all the way!

If you are going to stay, make it a stay with a difference.



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