No Plastic Plants for Me, Irish Organic Farming

organic farming Ireland

Executive Head Chef Gavin with Audrey of Mill House Farm


Ireland is pioneering an age of sustainability and the hard work and dedication that goes into real food. Irish organic farming allows us as a nation to become more conscious of the food we are eating. With the adverts on television, we are more aware of the importance of traceability. And we have become more aware of the issues around sustainability we are facing. We have become more demanding, and rightly on television Irish family hotel, we do the same. Our response to the challenges of our changing food supply is to demand superior produce where traceability, sustainable farming practices and respect for our land and our environment is highly regarded. We have built relationships with our local producers. They understand the lush Irish land and the animals. In working with local producers, we guarantee our guests and visitors the taste of home-grown Irish food.




Respectful of Local Communities


Irish Organic Farming

Audrey from Mill House Farm with chefs from Hodson Bay Hotel


Gavin O’Rourke, our Executive Head Chef, is the ambassador for our group of hotels. He is on a mission seeking out new local producers and working closely with our current local suppliers, producers and farmers. His passion for food, its origins and its harvesting is key to creating that respect for our Irish land and our heritage and for generations to come.

We are Irish owned family hotel group who continue to invest in and nurture a culture of respect for staff, customers and our local community. We work to nurture a focus on sustainability with local supplier so we can continue offering excellent service and great food. And we are proud of all those on this journey with us.



Ireland’s Food Sustainability


Irish Organic Farming

Mill House Farm, Co. Galway where husband and wife, Audrey and Mick work hard to produce organic food all year round


As part of our story, we aim to continue our role in ensuring Ireland’s food sustainability. We do this by sourcing much our ingredients from local farmers and local suppliers as far as possible.


Executive Head Chef, Gavin visited Mill House Farm, near Williamstown in County Galway where Audrey, Mick and their two children own and run their organic farm. We source a variety of herbs, salad leaves and organic vegetables from Audrey and Mick for all three of our hotels: Hodson Bay Hotel, Galway Bay Hotel and Sheraton Athlone Hotel.



Irish Organic Farming from the Land Beneath Our Feet


Irish Organic Farming

Fresh Organic Leaves used for our salads at Hodson Bay Hotel


Mill House Farm is fully certified organic farm since the start of 2011. They work extremely all year-round sowing, tending and harvesting the organic produce. They hire seasonal farm workers during peak seasons to help with the hard work of cutting every plant, but this arduous work ensures little or no damage to them. So, from farm to plate, you are guaranteed fresh, healthy leaves for all our salads. How great is that!


Life on an Irish Organic Farm


Irish Organic Farming

Mick from Mill House Farm planting a new crop


Audrey, Mick and their two boys live and work their organic farm all year round. They must sow, grow and harvest despite the weather, everyday responsibilities and any other of life’s unexpected twists and turns. It is a healthy life but a hard one with early starts, long days and 100% dedication. But despite all that, it was impressive to visit their farm and see the work and commitment involved. What they have created should be admired.



Irish Weather v’s Irish Growers


Irish Organic Farming

Heavy prolonged rainfall, storms and temperature changes are a challenge for growing organic produce


As we all know the weather in Ireland is one of our greatest talking points; we love to talk about the weather and having Apps on our phone just makes it even more of a topic. But the weather is a huge factor when it comes to growing plants. Audrey and Mick have to adapt to changes in climate, flooding, sunlight and temperature which all influence growth. Audrey talked too about trying to predict the market and what plants will prove popular along with the issue of tackling common plant pests and diseases.


Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

Good food should be just that, good food. And good food comes from responsible sustainability and production. We take the time to know our suppliers, understand the process and create an offering you love.

When Gavin visited Mill House Irish organic farm he was able to build a closer relationship, understand the process, helping to ensure a long healthy future and guaranteed delicious organic produce.  So, when you stay with us or come to relax and dine you can trust it is good food you will find here. It is that simple.


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